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AP 39xx won't connect to controller when attached to Avaya switch with Fabric Attach enabled

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TitleAP 39xx won't connect to controller when attached to Avaya switch with Fabric Attach enabled
AP 39xx connects to the controller at first but then disconnects and never reconnects successfully again when attached to an Avaya switch.

AP log may show message similar to:
Jan  1 00:00:46 cap: 01118:logging.c:1797-apReboot()-Reboot reason: fabricAttach mgmtVlan switch 1
Jan  1 00:00:47 cap: 01118:logging.c:1114-show_one_alarm()-ALARM    91 CRITICAL(not acked):  AccessPoint Rebooting due to: fabricAttach mgmtVlan switch 1

  • ExtremeWireless
  • Version V10.41.01.0080 (and higher)
  • AP3912/AP3915/AP3916/AP3917/AP3935/AP3965
  • Fabric Attach
  • Avaya Switch
  • VSP
  • ERS
Extreme ERS family switches ship from factory with Fabric Attach enabled. Even if the switch is not actually provisioned into an Extreme Fabric Connect, it will advertise the availability of Fabric Attached to connecting devices. • One of the elements of the advertisement is the attribute of Management VLAN (VLAN ID 1 by default). That announcement however is processed by ExtremeWireless™ APs and will cause the AP to configure itself to use that VLAN ID for its management function. As that VLAN ID (1) is typically not the actual VLAN the AP should be using in order to access its management network and the corresponding managing controller, it will lead to the AP losing network connectivity.
Disable Fabric Attach function in Extreme ERS switches if Fabric is not actually provisioned.

1. If you have an ERS series switch that is not actually deployed into a Fabric Attach network, disable the switch’s FA function. ▪ Syntax: no fa port-enable <port #s>

2. Recover the AP by resetting to the factory default. (Typically push and hold the reset pin.) Refer to the corresponding AP model’s Installation guide for details on the reset procedure. ▪ The AP will recover by using the default untagged access or a more specific VLAN, if provisioned by the ExtremeWireless™ appliance.


2.1 Recover the AP by setting the switch port back to tagged after disabling Fabric Attach. 

Additional notes

If your goal is to configure Fabric Attach with the AP39xx please review the following article: How to configure Fabric Attach with WLAN AP39xx on VSP, ERS and EXOS series switching platforms

For AP3915 (hardware revisions before ‘AB’ for AP3915i and ‘AC’ for AP3915e), when deploying into an ERSxxx based Fabric Attach deployment, the new AP must first be pre-staged with a switch port that has Fabric to allow it to be upgraded to V10.41.01 GA (Build 80) or later. After upgrade to a release of at least 10.41.01 GA (Build 80) the AP will then be able to fully participate in Fabric Attach function. Note: The Fabric Attach Feature is only support on AP3900 series APs (AP3912/AP3915/AP3916/AP3917/AP3935/AP3965). Note: The manufacturing revision of an access point is reflected in the last 2 digits of the “Shipping” ID printed in the unit’s gift-box label



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