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AP3610 reboots when no traffic is seen on it's ethernet interface

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TitleAP3610 reboots when no traffic is seen on it's ethernet interface
AP3610 or AP3620 reboots with no clients connected to it and connected to EXOS switch.  

The AP log will show this message: 
syslog: ngap_rx_mon.c: eth0 reset (0)

  • Version 9.21 and older
  • Any Controller
  • WS-AP3610, WS-AP3620
  • EXOS Switch
The 3600 series AP will reboot if it does not see any packets on it's ethernet port for 10 seconds. This is not common, the AP will usually see some type of network traffic within 10 seconds. If the AP3600 is linked to a EXOS switch that is not configured or Spanning Tree of ELRP, it is possible to see this condition.  

Additional notes
This is by design to correct a past problem where the AP3610 and AP3620 RX interface would lock up in high traffic events like loops. After a lock up, the RX interface would falsely show no activity and require an admin reset to restore. Now the AP monitors the RX interface and enacts a reset if there is no RX activity after 10 seconds, avoiding a stuck AP. This design is exclusive to the AP3600 models




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