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AP39xx not coming online when attaching to an Avaya switch

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TitleAP39xx not coming online when attaching to an Avaya switch
  • The access point will pull an address the first time, get its firmware, then reboots, after the second reboot it will no longer get an address
  • The Fabric core, adjacent and inter-working via OSPF to an existing Avaya ERS 8800
  • VSP 8284 pair in the core, Fabric Connected to VSP 7254 pair
  • VSP 7254 does the routing for about 10 VLANs

  • ExtremeWireless
  • Avaya
  • Fabric Attach (FA)
  • Zero Touch
  • VSP 8284
  • VSP 7254
  • ERS 8800
  • ERS5952, 59100
  • Firmware 10.41.x code
  • FA element was configuring the switch port for the access point to the Managment VID, in this instance, the Management VID did not have DHCP configured on it
  • The AP Management VLAN was different than the default switch Management VID
  • DISABLE ZERO TOUCH - this allows APs to function as normal. 
  • Match switch management VLAN and AP management VLAN
  • AP 3900 on an FA-enabled switch CANNOT HAVE AN UNTAGGED MANAGEMENT VLAN – MUST BE TAGGED (setting on the controller)
  • For automation - On the FA Server switch (upstream Q-trunk attached VSP 7254) – you can go into the FA Ports section and map an i-SID from the management VLAN to a customer VLAN – the FA LLDP messaging will push this info to the AP and it will reconfigure itself.  
Additional notes
The key data point was the packet captures taken during AP boot that INCLUDED the VLAN tagging… especially since tagging wasn’t anticipated to be in play and without FA on the AP would NOT have been

Things to know:  
  • VSP switches factory setting is Fabric Attach disabled on all ports
  • ERS switches factory setting is Fabric Attach enabled on all ports
  • This is true of ERS stackables -3500, 4500, 4800, 4900, 5500, 5600, 5900.   Modular ERS 8800 and VSP 9000 do not support FA
  • ERS switches have detailed FA logging shut off – you should enable it for troubleshooting messages
  • AP 3900 series ship with 10.41.xx.xx code – FA is enabled by default.  There does not appear to be any FA logging reported
  • FA client on AP 3900 is more capable than WLAN 9100 FA client –and that is why we never had this issue prior – but experienced it here.  WLAN 9100 does not change its VLAN settings from FA signaling from the attached switch – it required Identity Engines (or perhaps Control in the near future) to create and tag VLANs
  • ERS stackables have a construct of a Management VLAN. If IP routing is not enabled, you can only manage the switch via the MGMT VLAN.  By default, it’s VLAN 1
  • Using VLAN 1000 as the management VLAN , and WLAN Management VLAN of 1010.  This caused the issue.
  • AP 3900 default in untagged management and tagged user VLANs, by default
Critical to know:
  • FA will signal the switch management VLAN to the AP 3900 – AP 3900 will change its port to use the learned VLAN (1000 in our problem environment) and send DHCP request tagged on that VLAN.   DHCP was not configured there 
  • With FA enabled on an ERS switch, the AP 3900 MGMT VLAN must match the ERS switch MGMT VLAN.  This is true even if you are not using Extreme Control or Identity Engines (IDE) to perform FA for clients – this is automation that occurs between network elements out of the box, unles disabled
  • The AP will learn this VLAN, switch to it, switch its settings to tag-all, and the ERS will also switch its port settings to tag-all
  • TAG-ALL is required between an AP 3900 and an ERS switch, if FA is enabled on the switch port – which is the default setting



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