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AP505 and AP510 will not turn on its radios

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TitleAP505 and AP510 will not turn on its radios
  • AP505 and AP510 radios will not turn on for the first time
  • New out of box AP will not turn on its radios regardless of the configuration 
  • AP505 or AP510 will not show up on the ExtremeCloud Appliance until upgraded 
  • AP505
  • AP510
  • 11AX
  • WiNG
  • ExtremeCloud Appliance 
  • Pre- V7.1.0.0-067 Firmware
The initial release of AP505i/AP510 units came with a pre-production version of firmware which requires it to be upgraded to become operational. To find out if the AP requires an upgrade, please look for the “Hardware Revision version” on the label, if its Rev: AA, then you must upgrade the AP to the official release – WiNG Please note that, the upgrade procedure is the same for AP505i and AP510.

User-added image
Download the New WiNG AP Image or Controller Image: (ExtremePortal Login Required) (Windows may try to change the extension. it should be a .img)  
  • ***NEW - All AP should be updated to WiNG 7.1.2
  • XCA 4.36.01 (when available)

Scenario 1 (No Controllers): How to perform a bulk upgrade on 11ax APs i.e. AP505 and AP510 with default undefined operation mode, if there is no XCA or WiNG controller available in the network?
  1. If there are no adopters/controllers in the network and several APs are required to be upgraded, use WiNG Virtual Controller (VC) mode to perform bulk AP upgrades.
  2. First, configure distributed operation mode on the AP.
    1. Again, if there are no WiNG or ExtremeCloud Appliance (XCA) adopters /controllers on your network, login to the AP by using SSH or serial console. Use credentials admin/admin123, type “d” (for distributed/standalone) and hit enter. AP will reboot and start the standalone operation mode
  1. Optionally, one can also use GUI to configure WiNG operation mode (https://<ip-address>). Log in to the AP GUI by pointing the browser to the “zero config” IP or the IP address that the AP has acquired from the network DHCP server
  2. Click on “Standalone” button to set the WiNG operation mode,
    AP will reboot
  1. Upgrade the AP to the latest image by using the following command:
ap510-1349AC#upgrade tftp://<hostname|IP>path/file
  1. After the upgrade is done, reboot the AP to load the latest code.
  1. After upgraded AP has reloaded - if there is any other Aps that need to be upgraded – at this point - add rest of the APs to the network. Rest should reload twice on their own – to boot up into distributed personality.
  2. On the first upgraded AP - point the browser to the “zero config” IP or the IP address that the AP has acquired from the network DHCP server. A WiNG “login” prompt will be displayed, use credentials admin/admin123 to login.
User-added image
  1. Use WiNG configuration wizard to configure Virtual Controller (VC) on the AP.
        From the AP wizard (Access Point Settings) select the Virtual Controller AP option.
  1. Load the AP image file on to the VC by using the following command:
ap510-1349AC#upgrade tftp://<hostname|IP>path/file
  1. The rest of the Aps will be upgraded by the VC AP.

Scenario 2 (With Controllers): How to upgrade using WiNG controller or Extreme Cloud Appliance
  1. Important: WiNG controllers need to run version WiNG 7.1.2 and Extreme Cloud Appliance needs to run version 4.36.01 or later to be able to upgrade AP 505/510 to latest WiNG 7.1 release.
  2. APs with default unknown operation mode will find appropriate controllers based on the network provided discovery mechanism i.e. DHCP or DNS.
    1. How To Configure an AP to find the IdentiFi Wireless Controller from a DNS server entry.
    2. What is syntax for DHCP option 191 allowing WING devices to automatically adopt?
  3. If the AP is being adopted by the XCA, upon adoption XCA will automatically upgrade the AP image.
  4. If the AP is adopted by a WiNG 7 controller, the controller will perform an upgrade based on how it’s configured for upgrades i.e. auto upgrade upon adoption or on-demand upgrade.


Additional notes
  • Not seeing an option for operation mode or setup wizard.
    • Check if you have WiNG controller or Extreme Cloud appliance in the network running older release. Please upgrade to WING or XCA 4.36.01 to be able to properly upgrade AP to the latest released version.
  • Need to reset operational mode on version
    • To reset operational mode to Unknown while in Distributed mode:
      • “set-personality unknown” and reload.
    • To switch to Centralized mode while in Distribute mode:
      • “set-personality identifi” and reload
    • To switch to Distribute mode while in Centralize mode:
      • “cset personality distributed” and reload.




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