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APs disconnected from Controller with the message Cannot handle TLV

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TitleAPs disconnected from Controller with the message Cannot handle TLV
  • APs disconnect from Controller
  • Different version of firmware on AP verse that of Controller
  • IdentiFi Wireless Controller
  • Firmware
AP log file contains the following error message:
WASSP_ru_config_reply_handler: Cannot decode TLV
The TLV portion of the message in the AP log file usually indicates that there is a “New functionality” configured in the AP config (on the controller) that is not supported because the AP is on a different version.

Follow these steps for the AP to be discovered:
  • SSH to the AP (login: Admin  Password:  new2day)
  • cset factory
  • If AP still fails to be discovered,  then perform another:
  • cset factory
  • Then  delete the AP from the controller and let it rejoin as pending or approved, and then re-configure
Follow these steps IF AP does not have a DHCP available:
  • Ping -t <IP of AP>
  • SSH to AP
  • cset failoverIpAddr 1 remove Foreign#
  • capply#
  • csave#
  • Set controller for NOT allow new APs
  • Delete AP from Controller
  • (AP in CLI)reboot#
  • When ping comes back
  • verify pending
  • Remove pending AP entry
  • Set controller for allow new AP
  • SSH to AP & reboot
  • Verify AP returns
  • Modify any AP parameters necessary.
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