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IdentiFi wireless Access Point radio is not showing a channel or power level - showing as off

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TitleIdentiFi wireless Access Point radio is not showing a channel or power level - showing as off
  • Wireless access point radios are not on
  • Radios are not getting a channel assigned
  • Wireless access point not showing transmit power
  • Access point not showing green in Bulk Configuration menu on controller
  • IdentiFi Wireless
  • Access Point
Access point failed over to back-up controller
1. Login to the Back-up controller via web gui interface
2. Select the AP main menu
3. Select the Bulk Configuration menu
4. Verify that the AP is showing green and is foreign 
5. In the Select Wireless AP dropdown select Foreign or you can select the AP using the check box to the left of the AP in question.
6. Select the Release button which will move the AP back to the local controller
7. Login to the Local Primary controller for this AP via the web gui
8. Select the AP main menu
9 Select the Bulk Configuration menu and verify it is now green and showing local
10. In the AP main menu select the APs menu and in ALL APs select the AP in question
11. Select the Radio 1 or Radio 2 button verify that it now shows a Current Channel and Current Tx Power Level
Additional notes
  • APs will only report their information to the controller they are currently tunneled to
  • In the event an AP fails over to its foreign controller, the local controller AP tab will appear that the radios are off
  • Looking at Active APs report on foreign controller will show AP statistics and show radio's are still up
  • NOTE: With Version 10, APs now have a new status of Active/inActive.  This means the AP is "managed"/Not Managed by the controller.
  • IF Foreign and Active, no information will be collected from AP.
  • AP Radios won't turn on - SSID not visible



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