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  • Access Points cannot find the ExtremeWireless controller after a power outage
  • AP's are staged and powered down to be deployed in their permanent location
  • AP's are in a different subnet than the controller registration IP
  • ExtremeWireless
  • All AP models
  • All Firmware versions
  • Power outage occurs
  • DHCP or DNS changes are made
  • New Controller IP is set

If an Access Point loses power (outage, switch upgrade, configured in staging area and powered down to be deployed, etc) the acinfo.conf file that contains the last known Controller IP address is removed on boot up. In this situation, the AP may not be able to get back to it's Primary Controller if the IP address on the  AP is on a different subnet than the Controller and: 

  • There is no static IP address set
  • The DNS options for the Controller IP have changed or are not resolvable on the AP subnet
  • DHCP options have changed or are incorrect
If the  AP is in the same subnet, it will resolve the controller address through SLP. 

If the AP reboots, but doesn't power down, it will keep it's acinfo.conf  file, and that has the last known AC (access controller) IP. 

To avoid this, the recommended configuration is to set the controller IP's in the Controller Search List in the AP configuration screen once it is on it's approved controller 
How to assign a static IP address to an IdentiFi Access Point over the EWC WebGui
This can also be done via the AP CLI:
How to Assign a Static IP Address to an Access Point via AP Shell

A new DNS entry or DHCP option can be set.
How To Configure an AP to find the IdentiFi Wireless Controller from a DNS server entry.
How To Configure an AP to Find the IdentiFi Wireless Controller with DHCP Option 78 on a Windows Server

Ensure DHCP inform between AP and controller work bi-directionally Access points failing the IdentiFi Controller discovery process

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