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Alarm Manager notification sends E-Mail with empty variables for AP out of service alarms

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TitleAlarm Manager notification sends E-Mail with empty variables for AP out of service alarms
  • Notification does not populate the following variables in the email: $deviceIp, $deviceNickName, $sysName, $sysLocation, $sysDescr
  • Sample email:
             Severity: Critical 
             Message: AP[125042659050C000] out of Service on EWC[]" 
  • NetSight
  • Console
  • IdentiFi Wireless
The default AP out of Service alarm is triggering off an event log entry so there is no device associate with it to pull values for those missing variables.
Setup the wireless controller to send traps to the NetSight server.  A new alarm can then be created to trigger off the trap:  apTunnelAlarm.
When the trap is used it will be sent from the wireless controller so those variable will now have a device it can pull the information for.

Sample email when using traps:

Device: Bobs Wireless Controller 
Location:Second Floor 
Description: Extreme Networks Wireless Controller - V2110 Medium, System Version 
Severity: Error 
Message: "125042659050C000" "AP name 'Bobs-AP':: disconnected from the system(poll timeout)"

The following video walks through the creation of a new Alarm Manager entry:
Additional notes
Here is the methodology for setting up the trap in Extreme Management Center

Alarms & Events > Alarm Configuration > Add > Selected Trap Alarm. Click the Select Traps button. 
User-added image
Name, Click Enable and Click Select Trap
User-added image

Look for HiPath under Enterprise  - Select apTunnelAlarm and select 
User-added image
Edit Actions as needed to send email 
Select Save 
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To name the Access Point to something meaningful, this will need to be altered on the wireless controller under AP Name

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