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Amber light on LED of Mgmt Ethernet port without RJ-45 cable.

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TitleAmber light on LED of Mgmt Ethernet port without RJ-45 cable.
Amber light on LED of Mgmt Ethernet port without RJ-45 cable connected.
  • BDX8
  • BDX-MM1
During power initialization, the link indicator LED will be turned ON(flash amber/orange) for short moment and if the initialization process gets completed at that moment when the LED was on it is possible for the LED to be left turned ON(flash amber/orange) without a CAT-5 cable plugged in.
Without a CAT-5 cable plugged in, the Linux Ethernet driver does not go through steps to set/reset the link indicator LED and hence the LED state (either ON or OFF) can be ignored if there is no cable plugged into mgmt port.
You can test by making a connection to the mgmt. port on which has "Amber" led.
For example,
  • Connect laptop or switch to the mgmt. port
  • Or connect between MM-A and MM-B each other if available
If the "Amber" is gone and "green" led is turned on after making the connection and no led after disconnecting the cable, then the mgmt. port can be considered as it was in "stuck" state as explained above.
Additional notes
This document specifies the behavior of LEDs that are labeled:
That would be applicable to the column of four LEDs, and the column of two LEDs, on the left of the MM.

This document goes a bit further and specifies behavior of the unlabeled Management Port LEDs:
  • The “Amber” Activity LED is the top-left LED on the RJ-45 MGMT Jack
  • The Green Link LED is the top-right LED on the RJ-45 MGMT Jack.



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