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Apple Devices lose connectivity with

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TitleApple Devices lose connectivity with
Apple Devices dropping connections to the Wireless network.
  • ExtremeWireless appliances
  • AP3825
  • Firmware
  • There were some radio settings that needed to be updated.
    • Radio 1 changes: RTS/CTS Threshold = 2346, N-Guard Interval = Long, power to 19 and 20 dBm.
    • Radio 2 changes: RTS/CTS Threshold = 2346, G-protection = None, RSS threshold = -72.
  • Limited Radio coverage in some rooms.
  • Make the Radio changes suggested above.
  • Introduced a Load Balance Group for Radio Preference.
  • The customer will increase AP numbers to ensure a good coverage area.
  • Please upgrade to
  • If there are continued connection issues, please gather all AP trace log files and tech support files for GTAC review.
How to Collect IdentiFi Access Point Logging Information (Trace Bundle)
How to Collect a Tech Support File from an IdentiFi Wireless Controller
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