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Apple TV and iOS Client instability issues.

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TitleApple TV and iOS Client instability issues.
  • Apple TV and iOS Client instability issues
  • User connection issues on channel 149 
  • AirPlay intermittent issues
  • IdentiFi Wireless
  • Apple TV
  • Apple iOS
  • Bonjour
  • mDNS
AirPlay Changes in new codes:

Macbook (Pro/Air) (2012 or newer) with OSX 10.10.x or Higher
iOS devices (2012 or newer) running iOS 8.x or Higher 
Apple TV (3rd Gen or Higher) with Apple TV v7.0 or Higher

Peer-to-peer discovery is initiated using BTLE when a user selects AirPlay on a Mac with OS X Yosemite v10.10 or a device with iOS 8. This causes the device and the Apple TV to visit Wi-Fi channel 149 in the 5GHz band and Wi-Fi channel 6 in the 2.4GHz band, where the discovery process continues. Once the user selects an Apple TV and AirPlay starts, the Wi-Fi radios timeshare between channel 149 and whichever infrastructure channel each device is currently using. If possible, the AirPlay sender roams to the same infrastructure channel the Apple TV is using. If neither device is currently using an infrastructure network, the devices will utilize Wi-Fi channel 149 only for AirPlay. Peer-to-peer mirroring adheres to 802.11 standards, sharing Wi-Fi bandwidth with other Wi-Fi devices.
When you deploy Apple TVs on a large enterprise Wi-Fi network, consider the following guidelines:
  • Connect Apple TV to Ethernet whenever possible.
  • If possible, avoid using Wi-Fi Channels 149 and 153 for your infrastructure network.
  • Don’t place or mount the Apple TV behind objects that could disrupt the Bluetooth Low Energy and Wi-Fi signals.
  • When mounting an Apple TV to a wall or other surface, always mount it with the foot side to the surface.
  • If peer-to-peer AirPlay isn’t supported on either the AirPlay sender or receiver, then the infrastructure connection is automatically used.
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