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B2/B3/C2/C3/G-Series License Handling since April 10 2017

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TitleB2/B3/C2/C3/G-Series License Handling since April 10 2017
  • "License Generation Failed - The ID you entered is not recognized as a valid Voucher ID" in portal account
  • Cannot find where to activate or rehost a B2/B3/C2/C3/G-Series license
  • B2-Series; B2POL-LIC
  • B3-Series; B3POL-LIC
  • C2-Series; C2L3-LIC
  • C3-Series; C3L3-LIC, C3IPV6-LIC
  • G-Series; G3L3-LIC; G3IPV6-LIC
As of April 10 2017, EOS License redemption/activation and access was migrated from the user's Extranet account to the user company's Portal accounts. But though B2/B3/C2/C3/G-Series legacy license types were at that time migrated from the user's Extranet account, they are not Portal-compatible so were no longer supported for online self-service.
Thereafter, Evaluation licenses for these products were no longer supported, and any Permanent license maintenance was accomplished with GTAC assistance.

As of November 1 2018, as the result of an unrecoverable legacy server crash, hosting/rehosting of any license for the B2/B3/C2/C3 (long-discontinued) and G-Series product lines is no longer possible, by any means.
A G-Series firmware release is expected soon to make its licensing behavior like the D2:
    How is Policy enabled on the D-Series?
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