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BR-VDX6740 reloaded for unknown reason. After coming back up, left VCS for unknown reason

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TitleBR-VDX6740 reloaded for unknown reason. After coming back up, left VCS for unknown reason
vdx in fabric was disconnected from the fabric and become isolated by itself.
physical link with other vdx switch(s) in vcs are up/up
but there is no isl port in the output of show fabric islport ... i.e. isl was not formed and lead to the switch not able to rejoin

Continuous ASIC errors causes chip fault.
The condition can be confirmed by checking errdumpall for  CBR, and BL messages to validate ongoing occurrence of the ASIC interrupts.
VDX 6740/6940, 8770
NOS 6.0.2b
Principal was under the duress of ASIC errors and the FED register was flagged to ignore all incoming isl connection requests.
So switches will not be able to make new isl connection via the principal.
Existing ISL are not affected until they get disconnected.

Workaround is to reload the principal, it will stop the ASIC interrupt for the time being - until the next occurrence.
Once the Principal is reloaded, another switch in the VCS will take over to perform the principal role to process the ISL link initiation for the affected switch(es) to rejoin.

The fix is to upgrade to the firmware version containing the code fix.

Defect624394: 000624394 Continuous ASIC error seen with VDX 6940  is fixed in NOS 6.0.2c
Please upgrade to the target path release of NOS 6.0.2h

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