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BlackDiamond I/O or MSM module failed

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TitleBlackDiamond I/O or MSM module failed
BlackDiamond I/O module failed

bd8810.1 #  
show slot 8 detail
Slot-8 information:
     State:               Failed
     Download %:          100
     Last Error:          CardExec (state BOOTING) timed out
     Restart count:       6 (limit 5)
     Serial number:       800159-00-09 0722F-00083
     Hw Module Type:      G48Ta
     Configured Type:     G48Ta
     Ports available:     48
     Recovery Mode:       Reset
     Debug Data:          Peer=Failed

bd8806.1 #  show slot                                 
Slots    Type                 Configured           State       Ports  Flags
Slot-1   G48Tc                G48Tc                Operational   48   M    
Slot-2   G48Tc                G48Tc                Operational   48   M    
Slot-3                                             Empty          0        
Slot-4                                             Empty          0        
Slot-5   G48Tc                G48Tc                Operational   48   M    
Slot-6                                             Empty          0        
MSM-A    MSM-48c                                   Failed         0        
MSM-B    MSM-48c                                   Operational    0        
  • BlackDiamond 8806
  • BlackDiamond 8810
  • EXOS All
Possible hardware failure of the I/O blade or chassis
         If a working card suddenly fails then follow the below steps to isolate if card is faulty or the chassis is faulty. Perform the steps in a maintenance window.
  • Reseat the I/O blade or MSM which is stuck in failed state
  • Test in a different slot of the chassis
  • Contact GTAC for further troubleshooting​ with logs captured during each of the above mentioned steps.
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