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C5/C3/C2/B5/B3/B2-Series SNMP Query to Nonexistent Fan MIB causes Reset from SNMPTask

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TitleC5/C3/C2/B5/B3/B2-Series SNMP Query to Nonexistent Fan MIB causes Reset from SNMPTask
  • Switches crashed
  • SNMP query leads to switch reset
  • SNMP request to a specific OID crashes the SecureStack
  • A Fan MIB status query:
snmpget -v 1 -c myUserName .
...crashes the managed switches, with current.log and sysDmp data similar to:
Current.log output:

<152>Aug 14 13:26:03 SIM[184037384]: hwutils.c(7602) 801 %%
ERROR:Code exception:Watchdog no longer being serviced.
Task SNMPTask(0x8a367f8) is suspended with error 2, creating file sysDmp1Aug1414.z
<57> AUG 14 13:26:43 2014 STK1 BOOT[268430624]: bootos.c(1360) 700 %%
Start of Code - Build: Date:Fri Apr 18 15:33:13 2014
<110> AUG 14 13:27:46 2014 STK1 BOOT[143589120]: edb_bxs_api.c(807) 703 %%
Last switch reset caused by Fault(0x00001100) SRR0(0x0060B3EC) SRR1(0x2002B030)
DMISS(0x2AF43668) IMISS(0x00000000) DAR(0x00000000) DSISR(0x00000000)
sysDump Output:

Detailed exception task information

Calling Stack:
Task ID: 0x8a367f8
Task Name: SNMPTask
PC: 0x60b3ec
PendQ: 0x8a37b24
SP: 0x8a36330

0x60b3ec: edbBxsNumOfFansGet (0x60b3b0) + 0x3c
0x6ac844: usmDbEdbBxsFanAvailabilityGet (0x6ac820) + 0x24
0xf65980: k_ctChasFanModuleEntry_get (0xf658dc) + 0xa4
0x102c6d0: ctChasFanModuleEntry_get (0x102c5a8) + 0x128
0xf56354: GetExactObjectInstance (0xf5623c) + 0x118
0xf583f8: do_response (0xf5830c) + 0xec
0xf4b360: SrDoSnmp (0xf4a9a0) + 0x9c0
0xf52420: SrDoMgmt (0xf52360) + 0xc0
0xf51f40: snmpd_main (0xf5123c) + 0xd04
0xf52350: L7_snmp_task (0xf52314) + 0x3c
0x127a954: vxTaskEntry (0x127a8f8) + 0x5c
  • A Power Supply MIB status query:
snmpget -v 1 -c myUserName .
...simply returns this response:
Error in packet
Reason: (noSuchName) There is no such variable name in this MIB.
Failed object: SNMPv2-SMI::cabletron.
  • C5-Series SecureStack - Firmware
  • C3-Series SecureStack - Firmware
  • C2-Series SecureStack - Firmware
  • B5-Series SecureStack - Firmware
  • B3-Series SecureStack - Firmware
  • B2-Series SecureStack - Firmware
  • CA-Spectrum "watches" added to monitor the state of Securestack fans and power supplies.
  • MIB management application makes SNMP requests to a group of managed SecureStacks.
  • When the queried MIB OID does not exist, the condition is not consistently handled in all cases.
  • The same intelligence in the SNMP agent should be used for the fan table as for the power-supply table.
  • For the C5/C3/B5/B3, upgrade to 6.61 firmware or higher.
  • For the C5/B5, a fix is expected in the next 6.81 firmware release.
  • For the C2/B2, a fix is expected in the next firmware release.
  • Contact GTAC support for assistance, as necessary.
  • As a pre-upgrade workaround; use an SNMP query which contains a valid search argument, for example...
snmpgetnext -v 1 -c myUserName . order to return data for any and all fans that exist on a stack consisting of from one to eight devices.
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