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CLI command for layer 3 adoption of access point

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TitleCLI command for layer 3 adoption of access point
Remote APs are not adopting to the controller. APs have not been pre-staged and DHCP option 191 is not being used. 
  • AP75xx series
  • AP65xx series
  • Legacy AP650 and AP71xx Series
  • Firmware version: 5.x
In a routed environment, when Option 191 is not being used and the APs have not been pre-staged, they will not be able to look for and adopt to the designated controller. 
Configure the APs to point to the controller by following these steps:

Log into the CLI interface of the AP via SSH using your preferred program (example: Putty.exe)  and run the following commands:

Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CNTL/Z.
#controller host <controller-IP-Address>        #<replace <controller-IP-Address> with the IP address of the adopting controller>
#com wr
Additional notes
It is recommended to create a profile for each AP on the controller. Both, primary and standby controllers have to be listed in the profile. 



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