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CRC errors occurring with third-party SFPs

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TitleCRC errors occurring with third-party SFPs

User reported seeing a lot of CRC and incrementing these errors on ports connected on these devices. The perception is that VDX6740are sending these errors.

All ports connected in these VDX6740 are receiving CRC errors. There are connections with cable twinax(DAC) and connector SFPs; bothhave them.

For example, show mediadisplays Optics not qualified for Brocade:

Interface TenGigabitEthernet 1/0/45
Optic is not Brocade qualified, optical monitoring is not supported Identifier 3 SFP Name sw Vendor Name JDSU Vendor OUI 00:01:9c Vendor PN PLRXPLSCS433H Vendor Rev 2

For anotherexample, show interfacedisplays the CRC errors below:

show int te 1/0/45
TenGigabitEthernet 1/0/45 is up, line protocol is up (connected)
Hardware is Ethernet, address is 0027.f8d0.cbc8
Current address is 0027.f8d0.cbc8
Pluggable media present
Interface index (ifindex) is 4699095084
MTU 9216 bytes
LineSpeed Actual : 10000 Mbit
LineSpeed Configured : Auto, Duplex: Full
Flowcontrol rx: off, tx: off
Priority Tag disable
IPv6 RA Guard disable
Last clearing of show interface counters: 12:12:28
Queueing strategy: fifo
Receive Statistics:
901710948 packets, 769909501507 bytes
Unicasts: 728588851, Multicasts: 173121298, Broadcasts: 0
64-byte pkts: 0, Over 64-byte pkts: 224695632, Over 127-byte pkts: 187810103
Over 255-byte pkts: 28862093, Over 511-byte pkts: 275604879, Over 1023-byte pkts: 23294750
Over 1518-byte pkts(Jumbo): 161443491
Runts: 0, Jabbers: 0, CRC: 799, Overruns: 0
Errors: 0, Discards: 32204, TrillportCtrlFrames: 832761
Transmit Statistics:
8819859449 packets, 10066494499127 bytes
Unicasts: 8633682291, Multicasts: 186177158, Broadcasts: 0
Underruns: 0

Software Release: N/A
Fixed in Version: N/A
Unsupported SFP.
Use supported Brocade SFPs.
Additional notes
Run show media output on all the VDXs, and replace non-Brocade SFPs with Brocade SFPs.



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