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Can Not Access HiveManager NGVA Console

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TitleCan Not Access HiveManager NGVA Console


  • Console of HMNG is not accessible
  • Boot process is hung up at "Initializing clock with NTP"
  • This is usually due to the NTP server settings being incorrect, or pointing to an inaccessible NTP server
  • HiveManager (HM) (formerly NG) Virtual Appliance (a.k.a. HMNGVA)


  • Access the console to modify the ntp.conf file and point it to a valid NTP server.
  • Enter single user mode to bypass the usual startup commands.
  • If using CentOS6:

  1. Start the console. A GRUB timer will begin counting down. Interrupt the timer using the ESC key.
  2. You will be taken to a GRUB menu. Select your desired kernel and press 'e' to edit.
  3. Move to the end of the command, and add the word 'single'. Press 'Enter'
  4. You will be taken back to the GRUB menu. Press 'b' to boot.
  5. You should now be at a command prompt.
  • If using CentOS 7:

  1. Start the console. You will be presented the GRUB menu.
  2. Select your kernel and press 'e' to edit.
  3. Find the kernal line (begins with "linux16"). Change the argument from 'ro' to 'rw init=/sysroot/bin/sh'.  Press 'Ctrl-X' or 'F10' to boot into single user mode.

Instructions Continued:

  • Type 'vi /etc/ntp.conf' to edit the NTP config file
  • Replace erroneous NTP servers with valid ones.
  • Save your changes and reboot the VM.
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