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Cannot Reset Password for Extreme Portal

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TitleCannot Reset Password for Extreme Portal

Reset Password process for the Extreme Portal does not work: the option to enter in a new password is never presented and the process appears to be stuck in a repeating loop.

After clicking a link from Extreme Networks to reset your password, the option to enter in a new password is not presented.

After submitting a request to reset your Extreme Portal password, the link received in email does not allow a new password to be entered.

The root cause of this issue is not known.

In this situation, the password must be manually reset by Extreme Networks. 

After trying unsuccessfully to reset your Extreme Portal password a couple of times, please send an email to to request that your password be manually reset. If you need immediate assistance, please contact GTAC by submitting a case online  or contact GTAC on the phone.

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