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404 Error: Cannot Submit a Case in the Extreme Portal

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Title404 Error: Cannot Submit a Case in the Extreme Portal

404 error while creating a case or RMA in the Extreme Portal.
Error text: 404 Sorry we're unable to locate the page you are looking for.

Additional Symptoms: 

  • In the top right corner of the Extreme Portal your account will be listed as "No Account Association"
  • Incorrect cases that are not for your account are shown in Case Management area
  • Expected downloads are not allowed
  • Expected assets are not displayed
  • Expected service contracts are not displayed


all, Extreme Portal

This 404 during case creation issue is usually caused by the user's log-in for the Extreme Portal not being associated to a proper account/company record in our system.




We are working on a resolution for this issue.

There are several parts of the Extreme Portal that will not work properly for the user until the issue with their record is corrected by Extreme Networks, including:

  • Case Management 
  • Downloads
  • Assets
  • Licensing
  • Service Contracts
If you notice these symptoms in the Extreme Portal and need immediate assistance about a technical issue with Extreme Networks products, you can contact GTAC via the phone for assistance.
If you do not have an urgent technical issue please send an email to with details of the issue and we will work to correct the issue with your credentials for the Extreme Portal.
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