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Cannot change virtual router name in NAC/Extreme Control

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TitleCannot change virtual router name in NAC/Extreme Control
When you try to change the virtual router name when you edit the switch properties you get this error.
Virtual Router Name <name> does not match the name configured for one or more selected switches.
Please enter another name or disable Virtual Router Name editing
  • NAC or Extreme Control
  • EXOS
  • Virtual-router, VR
This is caused by NAC not detecting the correct virtual router for the IP the switch is managed.
(This can happen if you specify the same IP in vr-mgmt and vr-default for example to advertise management IP in LLDP on vr-default)
Once NAC has the wrong virtual-router in it's cache it will not let you change the virtual router name,
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The solution is to clear the cache where NAC/Netsight stores the virtual router names.
Go in OneView to administration, diagnostics. Enable Level Advanced, select System/Network Monitor Cache and select Remove Device. Insert the IP of the switch and click OK.

This will clear the stored virtual router name and should discover the correct one now.

If the problem persists, you can prevent Netsight from fetching the wrong information again by changing the CLI credentials for the switch to a not working one (Netsight uses CLI to fetch virtual routers names), then correct the virtual router name in NAC and correct the CLI credentials again.

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