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Cannot set terminal length for "user" role

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TitleCannot set terminal length for "user" role
  • Cannot set terminal length for "user" role
  • Role-Based Access control is the default role "user"
    username username password password encryption-level 7 role user
  • Error seen when typing the "terminal length 0" command
    sw0# terminal length 0 
    syntax error: unknown argument.
  • VDX Series
  • Network OS
  • Role-Based Access control (RBAC)
The user role has limited privileges that are restricted to executing show commands in privileged EXEC mode, as well as the following operational commands: ping, ssh, telnet, timestamp, rasman, and traceroute. User accounts associated with the user role cannot access configuration commands that are available only in global configuration mode.
  1. Check the role name for the default roles in NOS
    sw0# show running-config role
    role name admin desc Administrator
    role name user desc User
  2. Assign the default role "admin" to a non-default user account. You will need to be login as an admin user to do this.
    sw0# configure terminal 
    Entering configuration mode terminal
    sw0(config)# username testaccount password testpassword role admin 
    sw0(config)# exit                                                
    sw0# exit
  3. Login with the newly created account and configure the terminal length
    Network OS (sw0)
    sw0 login: testaccount
    Password: ************
    sw0# terminal length 0
    Successfully set This Session Terminal Length to  0.
Additional notes
For additional information on Role-Based Access Control feature and how it is configured.
Please see the Network OS Security Configuration Guide.



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