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Captive Portal failed to pop-up in Iphone

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TitleCaptive Portal failed to pop-up in Iphone
Captive Portal failed to pop-up in iPhone
  • RFS7000 With WiNG Interface
  • AP6511 With WiNG Interface
  • WiNG Version 5.7.2
Customer modified the default login pages and uploaded modified page failed to pop-up in iPhone.
Default Login pages from the WLC have to be used in order for the Captive portal to successfully pop-up on either Android from or IOS Smartphone device.

Below are the steps on how to copy the default login pages in the controller.
  • SSH to the controller​
Directory of flash:/hotspot/KCS/.
  -rw-   95        Fri Mar  3 07:58:19 2017   tc.html
  -rw-   4237      Fri Mar  3 07:58:19 2017   fail.html
  -rw-   2771      Fri Mar  3 07:58:19 2017   agreement.html
  -rw-   1282      Fri Mar  3 07:58:19 2017   agreement_view.html
  -rw-   2749      Fri Mar  3 07:58:19 2017   acknowledgement.html
  -rw-   6984      Fri Mar  3 07:58:19 2017   welcome.html
  -rw-   4860      Fri Mar  3 07:58:19 2017   cp_style.css
  -rw-   3037      Fri Mar  3 07:58:19 2017   login.html
  -rw-   1782      Fri Mar  3 07:58:19 2017   noservice.html

WLC#copy flash:/hotspot/KCS/login.html  tftp://<hostname|IP>[:port]/path/file
  • Enable Captive Portal Services in the controller.
WLC#conf t
Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CNTL/Z.
WLC(config)#captive-portal KCS
WLC(config-captive-portal-KCS)#commit write
WLC(config-device-5A-04-8V-17-T1-Q2)#use captive-portal server KCS
  • Copy out the default login HTML file page from the controller,
  • Replace the modified login page with the default login page

At this point, the issue should be resolved.

Provide the default login page to the customer and inform them not to modify the JavaScipts.
Additional notes
The two java scripts and an HTML file must be maintained in the customized page.
The java scripts must be included as-is with no modification; however, the HTML form can be reformatted to suit the specific application as long as the action, method and input strings, names and values are maintained.



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