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Changing VIM5-2Y, VIM5-4Y, and VIM5-4YE Port Speed

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TitleChanging VIM5-2Y, VIM5-4Y, and VIM5-4YE Port Speed
Attempting to change the port speed of a VIM5-2Y, VIM5-4Y, or VIM5-4YE port produces the error:
Error: Speed specified is not supported on port 49.

  • EXOS
  • x465
  • VIM5-2Y, VIM5-4Y, and VIM5-4YE
VIM5-2Y, VIM5-4Y, or VIM5-4YE not partitioned correctly for requested speed.
VIM5-2Y, VIM5-4Y, and VIM5-4YE support only 10G or 25G speeds based on the partitioning of the first port of the VIM (port 25 for 24 port switches, port 49 for 48 port switches).

To move between 10G and 25G modes, change the partitioning of the first port of the VIM to 4x10G or 4x25G, respectively. This will affect all ports of the VIM.

For 48 Port Switches:
configure port 49 partition 4x10G
configure port 49 partition 4x25G

For 24 Port Switches:
configure port 25 partition 4x10G
configure port 25 partition 4x25G

Additional notes
To further configure auto-negotiation/speed/duplex settings, use the command:
configure ports <port_list> auto <on | off> speed <speed> duplex <full | half>
  • Mixing 10G and 25G speeds on the same VIM is not supported.
  • VIM5-4Y and VIM5-4YE only support 2x10Gb or 2x25Gb port operation when installed in x465-24W, -48T, -48P, -48W and -24S models. The second 2 ports of the VIM are not used.
  • Although the VIM5-2Y only has 2 ports, it is partitioned with the same '4x10G' or '4x25G' commands.



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