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Chromecast Issue with Radio Preference Band Steering

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TitleChromecast Issue with Radio Preference Band Steering
Chromecast will not connect to a wireless network with band steering enabled. If you disabled band steering on the ap, then the chromecast will connect.
Identify Wireless

Default behavior of the radio preference is that the ap will not accept any 5.0ghz capable client on 2.4ghz. It will do this by not responding to the client’s auth request.

This can be modified by ap cli commands ( pending a feature request to have these included in the gui ) :

cset bandPreferenceAssocThreshold <val>
cset bandPreferenceAssocPeriod <period in millseconds>

cset bandPreferenceAssocThreshold 2
cset bandPreferenceAssocPeriod 20000

This means the ap will accept a 5.0ghz capable client on the 2nd attempt within 20 second period.

Looks like chromecast sends an auth request approx. every 10 seconds. Also, the Chromecast sends 2 auth requests, then will prompt user to click try again, so time for 3,4th tries is variable. Therefore, the only settings that would work are bandPreferenceAssocThreshold 2 and bandPreferenceAssocPeriod 15000, which is almost the same as switching radio preference off.

At this time running the ap cli commands would have to be a manual operation, so would have to either ssh to each ap and do manually, or would have to put together an expect type script to go out and do it.

Confirmed that once you connect to the chromecast, and get it to connect to the network, then it is fine. You can dissassoc it, unplug / plug it in, and it will connect to an ap with radio preference on, and the threshold and period set to default 0.

One solution is to take an ap out of radio preference for the purpose of connecting the chromecast initially in a public place and request users to go there to initially have their chromecast connect. Then the chromecast will work after that.

Another solution is to have people with a chromecast come into IT, have their chromecast connect to the network with an ap that is not in a radio preference group there in the IT office, then let them go back out into the environment since oddly it is only upon the initial connection that there is a problem.

Another solution would be on a per case basis, to lookup the ap the client is currently connected to from the controller reports ( perhaps a dorm room for example ), remove that ap temporarily from the radio preference group, have the chromecast connect, then add it back to the radio preference group.

The behavior could change with the next hardware version of chromecast that comes out, or after some new firmware update on the chromecasts.

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