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Clients keep reauthenticating when roaming from AP to AP

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TitleClients keep reauthenticating when roaming from AP to AP
Clients reauthenticate when roaming from AP to AP
  • IdentiFi Wireless
  • WS-C5210
  • WS-AP3610
  • WS-AP3710i
  • WS-AP3710e
  • WS-AP3825i
  • Firmware 9.12.x, 9.15.x, 9.21.x
The encryption configuration for the VNS must to be configured with a key option. PSK or Opportunistic Keying, and or Pre-Auth which allows for partial or multiple fast reauth for 802.1x clients.
Remove encryption, or add a PSK, opportunistic and or pre-authentication keying. Also another option as of 9.21 code (Is 802.11r supported in Firmware 9.21?) Extreme added Fast BSS Transition (IEEE 802.11r) to help reduce the delay caused by re-authentication every time a client roams from AP to AP. The Fast Transition(FT) mechanism allows a client station to establish security and/or QoS state to the new AP prior to or during re-association. This reduces the delay in connecting to the network during an inter-AP roam. Both the client and the access point need to support 802.11r for it to work.
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