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Clients not getting an IP Address after SSID name change

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TitleClients not getting an IP Address after SSID name change
SSID non-functioning after changing only SSID name on WLAN Controller (clients do not get IP addresses)
Identifi WLAN
SSID in question redirects end clients through NAC and has Rules that are built to key off Location. The SSID name is stored as a part of that Location in NAC. If the SSID name is changed on the controller in this case, the Location needs to be "updated" in NAC to match that name change.
-- go to Tools -> Management and Config -> Advanced Config -> Rules Components -> Location Groups

-- Find the location that was configured with the Old SSID name (the name the SSID used to have on the WLAN controller)

-- add a new Location with the New SSID name (the new name of the SSID on the WLAN controller)

-- go back to Rules and swap out the Old Location for the New Location you just added.
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