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Config Manager has suffered a critical error - Failed to connect to database 'controllerConfig'

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TitleConfig Manager has suffered a critical error - Failed to connect to database 'controllerConfig'
Error Message seen:
Config Manager has suffered a critical error and will halt. Error Details: Failed to connect to database 'controllerConfig':
Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (111)
  • APs were active, but any SSID with PSK will not work
  • 802.1x and captive portal SSIDs still working
  • Could not backup WC - Error message seen as above
  • Please wait while performing backup of [configuration] ...
    Result of backup:
    Unknown error
    Error: CM could not be locked and process could not proceed.
    Error: in receiving message.
Unable to run reports or tech-support
  • IdentiFi Wireless
  • Firmware
Fire Alarm triggered a corruption in the MySQL database
  • Fail over all APs to the redundant controller (if available)
  • Cold start Wireless Controller
Error message are a result of a sudden power outage or a loss of connection on the Ethernet ports.
We would recommend the following in order to safe guard database integrity 
  1. Check network time, make sure that is accurate
  2. Check the Availability tunnel before moving AP’s over. If you can see the local AP’s on the foreign controller /foreign AP’s etc. that looks good.
  3. Check the backup creation again and verify it completes its function
Additional notes
The WC has stopped using the MySql server in 9.21.x release, so if the controllers are upgraded, they would be at less risk for this problem if there is a future alarm



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