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Configuration backup is failed with "Config file is empty" log message

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TitleConfiguration backup is failed with "Config file is empty" log message
Configuration backup is failed with "Config file is empty" log message.

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  • Device configuration backup
There is waiting timer defined in script files and the value is different per device model.
For example, the waiting timer is 40 seconds in the "VDX-SFTP" script and 120 seconds in the "SLX-SCP" script.

<VDX-SFTP script>
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<SLX-SCP script>
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Due to some reasons, if it takes long time (more than configured waiting timer in the script) to upload the running-configuration file to XMC server, then this issue can be happened with log message "Config file is empty".
(The script is done before the upload is completed, so the config file is empty)

It can take long time to upload backup file when:
  • The size of running-config is quite huge
  • Network latency to transfer file
  • etc.
Therefore, if there is device that takes long time to upload running-config more than defined waiting timer value, then you can solve this problem by increasing the waiting timer value.
There are two ways to change the waiting timer value.

Method 1. Modify the waiting timer value in the original script file.
     - You can change the waiting timer value in the original script file (e.g. VDX-SCP.txt file)
     - The original script files are located in:
     - Open the script file you want to change using "vi" editor and change the timer
     - However, to activate the change, the XMC service should be restarted

Method 2. Create new script file with the increased waiting timer value.
        2.1 Move "set config" or "Inventory Setting" and click "View" button for the script you want to copy
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   2.2 Copy the context in the original script
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  2.3 Create new script file (e.g. TEST-VDX-SCP.txt) with copied context above and increased waiting timer value under following path:
Note: need to change the name in the script like below to reflect in oneview.
desc="VDX TFTP Scripts"

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  2.4 Now, you can choose the newly created script file (no need to restart service)
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