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Configuration changes are not saved

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TitleConfiguration changes are not saved
When entering a "save" command, the command does not execute and the CLI session is frozen. The CLI session may also freeze when entering some other commands such as "show tech".
  • Summit X460
  • Summit X670
  • EXOS
This usually occurs when the configuration file is corrupt.

This issue may be resolved by rebuilding the switch configuration:
  1. First, make sure that you have a backup of your switch configuration. If not, upload the configuration to a TFTP server with the command "upload configuration <tftp_server_address> vr <virtual-router>". If you do not have a configuration backup, and are unable to upload one, you will have to recreate the configuration.
  2. Default the switch configuration by typing the command "unconfigure switch all". Type "y" when prompted to confirm the command. 
  3. After the switch reboots, configure a temporary IP address on either VLAN Management or VLAN Default ("configure vlan <vlan_name> ipaddress <ip_address>/<subnet_mask>") and ensure that this address is reachable from the PC. 
  4. Upload the XSF file back to the switch by typing "tftp get <tftp_server_address> vr <virtual-router> <filename>".
  5. Remove the temporary IP address by typing "unconfigure vlan <vlan_name> ipaddress".
  6. To load the configuration, type "load script <filename>".
  7. Type "save" to save the configuration, and then type "y" to confirm.
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