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Connection Issues with Mac Devices

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TitleConnection Issues with Mac Devices
Macbooks are known for connecting to an AP and not roaming away from the original AP unless forced.


  • High packet loss
  • High retry rates
  • Slow wireless speeds
  • Macbooks having connection issues
  • HiveManager
  • Any AP model
  • Any firmware version

Search Client 360 view for the client in question:

  • Check the roaming history
    • Likely not roaming as often as it should
  • Check data rates
    • Likely have poor data rates

If someone is on site to test:

  • Connect to an AP
  • Physically move to an area covered by a different AP
  • Check to see if the client is roaming correctly or if it's hanging on to the original AP.

Data rates:

  • Disable lower data rates
    • Configure> Open the Network Policy> Open the SSID> Expand Additional Settings> Customer Optional Settings
      • Note: This will only help with legacy clients, newer client devices are likely to be using AC rates instead.


  • Create a new Radio Profile
    • Enable Weak signal probe response suppression (set value to 20-22)
  • Update to latest available firmware version
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