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Connection to the AP via console port or Web UI fails

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TitleConnection to the AP via console port or Web UI fails
Upon attempting to access the AP via Web UI or console port, the connection is refused or the session will not open. 
  • WiNG 5.x
  • All WiNG express APs
  • All WiNG APs (non-legacy)
Here are some possible causes that will prevent a successful connection to the access point:
  1. USB to Serial adaptor is not properly set up
  2. Using wrong serial COM port
  3. Using wrong baud rate (speed)
  4. Accessing via HTTP or Telnet
  5. Computer not properly connected to the AP
  6. Not using the correct Zero Config IP address
  7. Not using the correct Zero config subnet mask
  1. Make sure that the USB to serial adaptor drivers are installed and that it is properly set up. To make sure that it is - from a Windows computer - go to Device Manager and scroll down to and expand Ports (COM and LPT), the USB/serial adaptor should be listed in there
  2. Still in Device Manager/Ports (COM and LPT) verify the COM port assigned to your device. This is the COM port you will configure in Putty.exe or your hyperterm client
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  1. Supported baud rates (speed) are: 19200 or 115200
  2. By default, only HTTPS and SSH are allowed. Any other protocol will be denied access
  3. Verify that the computer is properly connected to AP or the POE switch the AP is powered up from
  4. On newer APs, the Zero config IP (also called shadow IP or secondary IP) address is printed on the sticker on the back of the AP, if not, then please follow these instructions on how to calculate the Zero config IP address: How to calculate the shadow IP Address of a WiNG Access Point
  5. The Zero config subnet mask is always /16 (
Additional notes
Please contact our technical support team should further assistance be required



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