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No more DCM Reports in Oneview after upgrade to

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TitleNo more DCM Reports in Oneview after upgrade to
  • After upgrading to NMS data center manager reports in Oneview are not accessible anymore. 
  • One Fabric Connect / DCM is version 2.05.1 and is working correctly (vmware handler). 
  • If I try to access an oneview data center manager report I get "Error: could not load report" 
Could not load report.
Message: renderPortViewVMLink is not defined
Name: ReferenceError

ReferenceError: renderPortViewVMLink is not defined 
at Object.eval (eval at (,:1:1) 
at Object. ( 
at Object.Ext.Array.each ( 
at Ext.define.buildGridConfig ( 
at new Ext.define.constructor ( 
at constructor [as self] ( 
at eval (eval at (, :1:8) 
at Object.Ext.ClassManager.instantiate ( 
at Object.create ( 
at Ext.define.buildComponent (

Netsight Oneview
DCM files are not compliant
  • Removing the old DataCenter*.xml files from the /appdata/OneView/MyReports directory should resolve the issue. 
  • You can re-name each of the DCM files in case you want to keep a back up: 
  • For example, mv DataCenterManagerAllHypervisors_IA.xml DataCenterManagerAllHypervisors_IA.xml.BACKUP 
  • You may need to "Refresh" (F5 button) the OneView Reports page in order to update the browser cache. 
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