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Dante devices (Audinate) not working when connected with EXOS Switches

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TitleDante devices (Audinate) not working when connected with EXOS Switches
Dante(Audinate) device stuck in Master-Master (Dual master) state when connected through EXOS switch.
  • Summit
  • BlackDiamond
  • EXOS
Dante (Audinate) uses IP multicast for communication. By default, EXOS has IGMP snooping enabled, which means that there must be an IGMP querier in the VLAN for multicast traffic to be forwarded, and the endpoints must support IGMP.
If the endpoints support IGMP, ensure there is a querier in the VLAN
For EXOS to work as an IGMP querier, there must be an IP address on the VLAN. Configure an IP address on at least one switch in the Dante network.
Syntax :

configure vlan <vlan_name> ipaddress <ip_address>/<netmask>

If the endpoints do not support IGMP, either disable IGMP snooping or create static joins for the endpoints.
Additional notes
If AVB is also in use on this switch, with Dante traffic passing over the same links, see: PTPv1 packets are dropped when gPTP is enabled on a port



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