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Defender Setup screen offered again after original install

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TitleDefender Setup screen offered again after original install
When you try to go into the Defender docker within XCA the install wizard tries to run another time and may fail. 
  • XCA
  • ExtremeCloud Appliance
  • Defender
If the customer removes any of the “App Created” default configurations (DFNDR_), such as DFNDR_Site, DFNDR_Service, DFNDR_Profiles,etc… ?

(Audit log can confirm that). 

The App uses the presence of those services it creates as an indication that the Wizard completed successfully. 
Before Defender 03.31.06 version the work around is to either undo the changes you made. Or uninstall Defender, remove all DFNDR references in the GUI of the XCA controller reinstall Defender and the wizard should run again and complete.

The new 03.31.06 version fixes DEFENDER-246  bug by adding ability for user to rename default site name created by installation wizard without causing the previous failure. 
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