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Device Archives in Inventory Manager fail with a Device Busy error

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TitleDevice Archives in Inventory Manager fail with a Device Busy error
  • Device archives in Inventory Manager fail
  • Error:  Device busy 
  • Error:  All Entries in the Device's Management Change Table are currently in use
  • NetSight
  • Inventory Manager
  • SecureStack
  • K-Series
  • N-Series
  • S-Series
There is a table on the devices called etsysConfigMgmtChangeTable.  This table is responsible for performing operations that include resetting the device, firmware upgrades and config upload/downloads.  There are 5 slots available in this table.  If they are all in use then no other action can be performed unless the entry is cleared.  In normal operating conditions when an action is completed the table entry is automatically removed.  If there was a failure for some reason there is the possibility that the entry will not clear.
There are several ways to clear this condition.

1.  A reboot of the device will clear this table.  However in most circumstances this would be an undesirable solution.

2.  Use the FlexView from the link bellow (Make sure that extension is .tpl and not .xml on download) and use NetSight Console to query the devices to see if all the table entries are in use.  You can also use this FlexView to clear those entries.

     a. Open the FlexView called Clear_Change_Table in Netsight Console (attached FlexView).
     b. Retrieve the information from the devices in question.
     c. You will see which devices have table entries and what they are.
     d. To delete the entries you will need to set the ChangeRowStatus column to destroy.
     e. Apply that change and then try Inventory Manager again.
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