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EXOS "show diagnostics" returns "diagnostics never ran" output

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TitleEXOS "show diagnostics" returns "diagnostics never ran" output
  • Terminal window prints the message "Invalid diagnostic mode!"
  • ​The "show diagnostics" returns "diagnostics never ran"
Invalid diagnostics mode!
Diagnostics completed.
Waiting for reboot...Restarting system.

Switch# sh diagnostics 
Diagnostics never ran
  • EXOS
  • Summit X670
  • Summit X440
  • All firmware versions
Switch does not finish diagnostics process and reboots before it can write the (PASS/FAIL) results to EEPROM
Running Power On Self Test...(Extended mode)

Test i2cenviron - PASS
Test fantray - PASS
Test nvram - PASS
Test internal flash - PASS
Test sdram - PASS
Test loopback eth - PASS
Test loopback pci - PASS
Test loopback mac interface - PASS
Test loopback phy copper - PASS
Test loopback phy fiber - PASS
Test snake interface - PASS
Test asic0 reg -
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Starting CRC of Default image
Using Default image ...

Please click here to submit an RMA through our Support Portal or contact the GTAC for immediate technical assistance.
Additional notes
Not sure what an RMA is?
For additional information about RMA please read the article Return Material Authorization RMA Process and FAQ



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