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Dot1x user is not authenticated after EAPOL timer expires

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TitleDot1x user is not authenticated after EAPOL timer expires
Using dot1x and PC's that go into sleep and dont respond to EAPOL messages can expire and cannot login until a link flap is  introduced
  • EXOS
  • netlogin
  • dot1x
Normally a PC will respond to an EAPOL frame or is logged out. 
When the PC is in sleep mode it will not respond to an EAPOL frame and EXOS will expire the session and only restart the session if the client initiates it.
In CR xos0069810 an enhancement is introduced that will enable the switch to constantly send EAPOL packets and restart the authentication session if the client responds.

A new cli option is introduce to send unlimited EAPOL packets.

configure netlogin dot1x supp-resp-retries unlimited

This will be implemented in all EXOS versions released after mid February.
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