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Download File Does Not Start for Downloads in the Extreme Portal

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TitleDownload File Does Not Start for Downloads in the Extreme Portal
After clicking on the Download File button in the Extreme Portal, nothing happens. The download of the file does not start and the file does not get downloaded. Download File in Extreme Portal does not work.
  • In many cases, for most browsers, this behavior is caused by the download being prevented by the browser pop-up blocker. 
  • In some cases the browser's built in pop-up message about a pop-up item being blocked is so fast it can be missed. (In Windows 10 using the Edge browser, there appears to be no indication at all to the user that the download pop-up was blocked.)



Add a pop-up exception and set up the Extreme Portal as an allowed site for pop-ups. Please, refer to your specific browser's documentation for instructions on how to set up an exception to allow pop-ups.

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