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Download image fails with TFTP write error

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TitleDownload image fails with TFTP write error
  • When downloading an image to a switch, it fails with the error below.
  • The same image installs on another switch of the same model.
X670G2-72x.1 # download image summitX-
Note: The inactive partition (primary) will be used for installation.
Do you want to install image after downloading? (y - yes, n - no, <cr> - cancel) Yes
Downloading to Switch.............................................................................................

Error: Failed to download image - tftp: write error

There may be files in /usr/local/tmp that need to be deleted. The download image script uses this directory as a scratch directory, and if there is not enough free space, the download may fail.
Check ls /usr/local/tmp to ensure that there are no files present. If there are, they can be deleted with the rm command. rm /usr/local/tmp/* will delete all files from this directory.

This error can also happen when trying to install a full summit image on switches that can only use the summitlite image.

If there are no files present and the upgrade still fails, try upgrading the switch from the bootrom. Please refer the link below for the steps.
How to upgrade BootROM on a Summit switch
  • Error may be logged for incorrect image download 
  • 07/28/2017 04:12:27.52 <Noti:EPM.download_status> MSM-A: Download of image finished with status failure - tftp: write error
    07/28/2017 04:12:26.95 <Erro:EPM.Upgrade.Fail> MSM-A: Upgrade failed, script: download failed
    07/28/2017 04:11:07.75 <Noti:EPM.Upgrade.DnldImg> MSM-A: Download image from hostname  ip address file name summitX- VR VR-Default
If it still fails, please contact GTAC.
Additional notes
Prior to EXOS 15.5, /usr/local/tmp was referred to as internal-memory.

If there are no files in /usr/local/tmp, the image may not be supported on this switch. See TFTP Write error when attempting Firmware update



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