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Dragon: Windows Host Sensor will not start

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TitleDragon: Windows Host Sensor will not start
  • Error in the Windows Event Log
The Dragon Host Sensor configuration file (e.g., .\conf\DragonSquire.xml) could not be opened.  This  will happen immediately following a new installation if the Host Sensor has not yet been configured via the Dragon Policy Manager (DPM).   For Enterprise configurations (Using a DPM), this problem can be corrected by configuring the sensor via the DPM and pushing a security policy to the sensor.  Once a policy is received by the sensor, the sensor should automatically start.    For Standalone configurations (Not using a DPM), this is not a normal error message. If this error message is encountered on a standalone configuration, a configuration file (.\conf\DragonSquire.xml) must be created.  The easiest way to do so would be to reinstall Dragon Host Sensor.
  • Dragon v7.x
  • Dragon v8.x
This is a common message upon a new installation.   The configuration/policy file is not created upon installation.   The Host Sensor must be configured within the EMS Client (or Dashboard for v8.x) and deployed to create the configuration file and start the Host Sensor service (on windows) or daemon (on linux).
Configure the Host Sensor within the EMS Client/Dashboard, associate the policy and perform a deploy to the Host Sensor.
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