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Extreme Management Center - memory settings -nsserver.cfg - for appliances running 8.0-8.3.x

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TitleExtreme Management Center - memory settings -nsserver.cfg - for appliances running 8.0-8.3.x
  • Extreme Management Center memory needs to be adjusted
  • Out of memory condition
  • Extreme Management Center memory allocation
  • NetSight
  • Extreme Management Center
Not enough memory allocated to the Extreme Management Center
Note: In version 8.4.1 - the need to edit these files will be deprecated. So this pertains only to prior releases.

The memory setting for the Extreme Management Center server JVM and mysql should not exceed more than 70% of the physical memory to avoid the system from paging memory to disk, i.e. the Xmx memory setting should not exceed 70% of the system memory

Here are the recommended settings for the server based on system memory:  System sizing recommendations may be found in the Extreme Management Center Release Notes.

To edit the memory settings edit the nsserver.cfg file on the server system as follows.

nsserver.cfg location
Windows: c:\Program Files\Extreme Networks\NetSight\services
Linux/Ubuntu: /usr/local/Extreme_Networks/NetSight/services

The MetaspaceSize setting should be 256m.  The nsserver .cfg file should look like this for a Large system:

-Xms24g -Xmx36g -XX:+HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryError -XX:HeapDumpPath=../../nsdump.hprof -XX:MetaspaceSize=256m

After editing the file with the suggested Xms and XmX settings, restart the NetSight services to implement the changes in memory allocation.

Restarting in Windows:  Right click on the services icon for NetSight and select Restart Running Services or Start Services if the server isn't currently running.

Restarting in Linux: issue the command: service nsserver restart
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