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ERROR: Deferred L2 notification code out of sync

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TitleERROR: Deferred L2 notification code out of sync
The message below is repeated in the logs:
<Erro:HAL.Port.Error> Slot-1: ERROR: Deferred L2 notification code out of sync unit 0 (47 0)
  • Summit X460-G2
When FDB changes are reported from hardware to EXOS, they use a batched messaging mechanism. Normal operation would include the following:
  • Batch start
  • Individual L2 FDB updates
  • Batch end
This error is generated when the batch end message is not sent following the batch start and FDB update messages.

The result of this error will be a slight delay in reporting FDB changes from hardware to EXOS.
A reboot will resolve this issue as a workaround.

A permanent fix for this is being developed under CR xos0063927. This is scoped for the EXOS releases listed below:
  • EXOS 15.6.4 (March 2016 patch)
  • EXOS 15.7.3 (June 2016 patch)
  • EXOS 16.1.3 (March 2016 patch)
  • EXOS 16.2.1
  • EXOS 21.1.1 (April 2016 patch)
  • EXOS 21.2.1
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