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Summit X670V-48t i2c kernel card warning messages

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TitleSummit X670V-48t i2c kernel card warning messages
The Summit X670V-48t is displaying kernel card warning log messages.

Log Messages:
"<Warn:Kern.Card.Warning> Slot-2: shid_eeprom_read (69): data read failed at 1 out of 1
<Warn:Kern.Card.Warning> Slot-2: i2c-1: shid_eeprom_read:5278 I/O failed, addr 0x0050 rd/wr 1 cmd 0 proto 1, rc 145
<Warn:Kern.Card.Warning> Slot-2: i2c-1: shid_9506_read:78 I/O failed, addr 0x0020 rd/wr 1 cmd 2 proto 2, rc 145"
  • Summit X670V-48t
  • Summit X460G2-48p-10G4
  • Summit Stack
  • EXOS
  • EXOS
The i2c warning messages are generated due to the inter-integrated circuit bus becoming unresponsive. A possible cause of an unresponsive i2c bus is a faulty connection between the connected VIM and switch.
Re-seat the VIM4-40G4X that is seated in the switch exhibiting the kernel card warning messages.
Additional notes
Note that the VIM module is not hot-swappable, so the switch must be powered down prior to the re-seat.



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