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EXOS AAA Process Crashes With Signal 6

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TitleEXOS AAA Process Crashes With Signal 6
  • EXOS aaa process crashes with signal 6
  • Failure: process crash
  • Process: AAA
  • Signal: 6
-> show debug system-dump slot 1
            Slot-1 system dump information
core_dump_info storage: 8/5120 used [EMPTY]
failure: process crash
time: Mon Sep 12 11:48:17 2016
process aaa
pid 1538
signal 6
$0 : z0=0000000000000000 at=000000007fff68f4 v0=0000000000000200 v1=000000002aad8090
$4 : a0=000000000063d62c a1=0000000000000080 a2=0000000000000005 a3=0000000000000001
$8 : t0=0000000030000000 t1=000000000000007f t2=0000000000000000 t3=0000000000000000
$12: t4=0000000000000000 t5=ffffffff80000008 t6=ffffffff802d2d00 t7=0000000000000000
$16: s0=000000000063d628 s1=0000000000000000 s2=0000000000000005 s3=000000000063d62c
$20: s4=0000000000000080 s5=000000002aaeb9b0 s6=000000002aaeb8e0 s7=0000000000000000
$24: t8=00000000005d846c t9=000000002aaeb8e0
$28: gp=000000002ab0b020 sp=000000007fff68d0 s8=000000000063d610 ra=000000002aae7d94
Hi : 0000000000000a73
Lo : 000000000015538d
epc   : 000000002aae7db0    Tainted: P
Status: 00008cf3
Cause : 00800020
 000000007fff68d0: 7ff80000 7ff80000 7ff80000 7ff80000 2ab0b020 00000000 00000000 0063d628
 000000007fff68f0: 0063d610 00000002 2aae79f0 7fff68e8 7ff80000 00000000 00000002 00000000
 000000007fff6910: 00000081 7ff80000 2ae633a8 0063d6bc 0063d628 2ae49000 0000009a 0046f840
 000000007fff6930: 2b0de000 2b0e1d18 2b0de000 2ae512a0 0063d6bc 2ae633a8 00000000 00000000
 000000007fff6950: 2ae6b190 00000000 2ab0b020 00000000 2ab0b020 0000009a 005f9fe0 2ae4fec0
 000000007fff6970: 00000000 0000000a 2ae4cc1c 7fff68d8 2ae6b190 00602b20 2ae4fe40 7fff6970
 000000007fff6990: 304f42b0 0000009a 005f9fe0 7fff6b38 0000009a 0046f840 2b0de000 2b0e1d18
 000000007fff69b0: 2b0de000 2b2a5970 00000004 2b1a2c88 7ff80000 7ff80000 7ff80000 7ff80000
 000000007fff69d0: 7ff80000 7ff80000 7ff80000 7ff80000 7ff80000 7ff80000 00000000 7ff80000
 000000007fff69f0: 00000000 00000000 304f42b0 2ae633a8 005f9fe0 7fff6b38 0000009a 2ae515dc
 000000007fff6a10: 0063d610 2b0e3d68 2b0e3d68 2b0e3d68 2ae6b190 2b0e3d9f 2ae51520 7fff6a10
 000000007fff6a30: 304f42b0 0000009a 005f9fe0 7fff6b38 0000009a 0046f840 2b0de000 2b0e1d18
 000000007fff6a50: 2b0de000 2b2a5970 00000004 00000003 7ff80000 7ff80000 7ff80000 7ff80000
 000000007fff6a70: 7ff80000 7ff80000 7ff80000 7ff80000 7ff80000 7ff80000 7ff80000 7ff80000
 000000007fff6a90: 00000000 00000314 7fff7608 00000000 2b0e8da0 0046f840 7fff6ae8 304f42b0
 000000007fff6ab0: 0000009a 00490db4 0063d610 ffffffff 00656868 2b08fccc 0002000b 000d0000
log: ... ng active 0:0 num 0:0
log: <7>KICM BCM CB: SPB 1: Member [0,54]: DOWN (Speed 21000)
log: <6>STM: 11930:29:06 Link event SP1 to DOWN at 21Gbps, state NoN.
log: <6>STM: 11930:29:09 State Stb->Act (State timer, string)
log: <6>STM: 11930:29:09 bp: not a ring active 0:0 num 0:0

Text segment map
  0x63d62000-0x64991000  exos/bin/aaa
  0x63d62000-0x64991000  lib/
  0x2aaa8000-0x2aaca000  /lib/
  0x2aadb000-0x2aaf3000  /lib/
  0x2ab06000-0x2ab1a000  /exos/lib/
  0x2ab2b000-0x2ab30000  /exos/lib/
  0x2ab40000-0x2ab5a000  /exos/lib/
  0x2ab6b000-0x2aba2000  /exos/lib/
  0x2abb7000-0x2abc0000  /exos/lib/
  0x2abd0000-0x2abda000  /exos/lib/
  0x2abec000-0x2abf0000  /exos/lib/
  0x2ac00000-0x2ac15000  /exos/lib/
  0x2ac67000-0x2acc4000  /exos/lib/
  0x2ace2000-0x2ace6000  /exos/lib/
  0x2ae64000-0x2aff6000  /exos/lib/
  0x2b01e000-0x2b02f000  /exos/lib/
  0x2b05a000-0x2b05d000  /lib/
  0x2b06e000-0x2b0cc000  /exos/lib/
  0x2b0e6000-0x2b114000  /lib/
  0x2b124000-0x2b28a000  /lib/
Build directory: /data3/release-manager/


  • EXOS
    • Version
    • Version
    • Version
  • X450G2-48p-G4 rev 2
AAA process crash
Upgrade the OS to the software version 16.2.2. Please review the 16.2.2 release notes prior upgrading the system.
xos0065115 In a stack with a backup, configuring a RADIUS(or RADIUSaccounting) server (primary or secondary) using a hostname causes the backup to reset when trying to resolve the hostname using DNS. (Pg. 86)

Additional notes
If you need further technical assistance, please contact the GTAC to open a service case by following one of the methods as described in the article How to contact Extreme Networks Global Technical Assistance Center (GTAC)



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