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EXOS switch set to WRONG PORT TYPE in ZTP+ setting

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TitleEXOS switch set to WRONG PORT TYPE in ZTP+ setting
Problem Description: 

Issue with the x670G2 as a standalone switches, NetSight is able to discover it via ZTP+ and recognize it as type “x670-G2-48x-4q” which it is a standalone EXOS switch. However, the type of ports in ZTP+ setting has been set to 1:X which it is incorrect. It should be set to “X” instead of 1:X. 

Because the switch is a standalone, not a stacking switches. As soon as NetSight pushing the configuration to the x670G2, EXOS switch indicates that’s an invalid configuration and then it goes to reboot with reason “unconfig switch”. 
  • NetSight: Version 
  • EXOS Version patch 1-5 
  • ZTP+ process will fail due to the Port Name values being set to "1:1,1:2,etc..." instead of the expected format "1,2,3,4,etc..."
  • It is a software bug in the NetSight.
  • This fix is available in Netsight version 8
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