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Emanate[3.SNMPagent]MAGetSubagentEvent: recvfrom failed message seen in logging buffer

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TitleEmanate[3.SNMPagent]MAGetSubagentEvent: recvfrom failed message seen in logging buffer
Emanate[3.SNMPagent]MAGetSubagentEvent: recvfrom failed seen in logging buffer
This message correlates to a failed get request to this switch from an SNMP polling server. This message is not indicative of any impending hardware failure. With regards to why we see this error, if you have not lost SNMP contact with this switch then this is the likely result of a poll hitting the max configured timeout/retry values without a response. This can happen due to transient Network latency. This could also be caused by frequent polling on a MIB that isn’t supported/configured on this switch
These messages are FAD
Additional notes
If you wish to gather more info on which servers are polling this switch, run the debug listed in this article:

How to Debug Specific traffic on N-Series,S-Series,K-Series and 7100-Series

With this filter:

ip access-list extended debug 
permit udp any any eq 161



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