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Obtain and Enable AVB Feature Pack License

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TitleObtain and Enable AVB Feature Pack License
Obtain and Enable AVB Feature Pack License
  • Summit X440
  • Summit X430
  • Summit X460
  • EXOS 15.3 or later
Need AVB capabilities

You will need to have credentials for the Extreme Portal to perform this process.

  1.  Go to Extreme Portal and log in 
  2.  Licensing is under the Assets option in the top menu. Select Assets > Licenses Home
  3.  Your available vouchers will be listed at the bottom of the page and you can filter to find a specific voucher, or use the Generate License button near the top of the page to generate a license for a specific voucher id. In the list you can use the Activated column to determine if the voucher has any remaining activations available 
  4. Follow the prompts on the page to generate the license for the voucher id
  5. To apply the license, type "enable license <AVB license key>" in the CLI of switch
Additional notes

The AVB feature pack voucher can be purchased by your reseller or Extreme Networks sales team.

Please reference the following articles about getting access to the Extreme Portal:
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