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Enabling HostDos Blocks SSH to S-Series

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TitleEnabling HostDos Blocks SSH to S-Series
  • Enable HostDos
  • SSH session breaks
  • No new SSH session connect
  • S-Series
  • Firmware lower than
Firmware bug
Upgrade to

Release notes say
HostDos Problems Corrected in Introduced in Version:
Enabling the HostDoS portScan feature mistakenly filters inbound packets on port 22 when SSH is enabled. HostDoS should only filter these packets when SSH is disabled. This may render the switches SSH server inoperable, and the DoS attack detection logic may produce false positives. A workaround is to not enable HostDos portScan, or to enable it but with a relatively high portScan rate limit. Another workaround is to disable and then re-enable SSH (via a Telnet or console connection). However, the problem will return following a system reboot.
Additional notes

Command to increase rate
hostDos Portscan rate 10 per-second



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