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Enabling IPFIX on a stack generates "aspenIpfixCallback" warning messages

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TitleEnabling IPFIX on a stack generates "aspenIpfixCallback" warning messages
<Warn:HAL.Card.Warning> Slot-1: aspenIpfixCallback: stkaspenGetPortSlotFromModidPort failed, modid=0, port=0
<Warn:HAL.Card.Warning> Slot-1: aspenIpfixCallback: stkaspenGetPortSlotFromModidPort failed, modid=4, port=0

  • EXOS
  • X460 & X460G2
  • The above warning messages are logged on a switch when IPFIX is enabled globally and egress IPFIX is enabled on a port. 
  • These messages signify some number of (at least 1) IPFIX reports from the hardware that could not be properly reported, and were as a result incorrectly reported, i.e., with the incorrect ingress or egress interface
  • Such messages are informational and could be useful if you need to investigate issues connected with IPFIX. With IGMP being disabled, such messages will not appear. 
  • The above log messages have no impact on functionality.
  • Please note that its an Warning message and NOT an Error, which can be excluded from the log filter from getting appeared in the logs as a workaround
configure log filter "DefaultFilter" add exclude events "HAL.Card.Warning" strict-match string "aspenIpfixCallback: stkaspenGetPortSlotFromModidPort failed"
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